Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals

Being human means that we are constantly growing.

We at Centennial believe that it is important to celebrate those moments in our lives when we reach particular milestones of growth! Whether it be our baptisms as infants, or our celebration services remembering and honoring us after our deaths, pausing and intentionally reflecting on what life has been helps us and our communities create a more whole and rich life for the future.
And, let's be honest, we follow Jesus, a guy who went to many parties and dinners and festivals, so why not be like him and celebrate big (or small!) moments in life!  
We recognize and celebrate many milestones at Centennial.


We LOVE baptisms at Centennial!
We are United Methodists, which mean that we believe baptism is the outward sign of the invisible reality that God loves us and calls us God's beloved people! In other words: baptism is the tangible sign that God loves us, and that we belong to God's people.
We celebrate baptisms on Sundays, and would love to talk more with you about what this important milestone can mean for you and your family.

To learn more about baptisms at St. Anthony Park Campus

Pastor Whitney: | 651.633.7644 ext.  412
Membership Secretary Julie Elholm: | 651.633.7644

To learn more about baptisms at Roseville Campus

Pastor Whitney: | 651.633.7644 ext.  412
Pastor Jen Anderson | | 651.633.7644 x 313
Membership Secretary Julie Elholm | | 651.633.7644


Celebrate your love at Centennial!
All weddings are considered a sacred service of worship and are one of the most significant rites that our United Methodist ministers conduct. We host weddings for members and non-members.

To learn more about Weddings At Roseville Campus

Roseville Campus (1524 County Rd. C2 W, Roseville): Our sanctuary seats 400, has an excellent pipe organ and a long center aisle; and for smaller weddings we have a separate chapel that seats up to 50 people.

To learn more about Weddings at St. Anthony Park Campus

St. Anthony Park Campus (2200 W Hillside Ave., St. Paul, MN): This is our contemporary worship space that is a multi-purpose space equipped with the newest technology, A/V equipment and movable seating. It seats maximum 220 people.
Detailed arrangements including pre-marital counseling are required.
More questions? Read our Wedding Booklet.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Planning the details of a funeral can be overwhelming.
Let us help.
Our staff offer counseling and planning assistance for four kinds of services: 
Funeral service: This kind of service occurs within days following death with a closed casket or urn present.
Memorial service: This is a service in which remains are not present, and may take place at any time suitable for the bereaved.
Committal service: This service takes place at a cemetery and may follow a funeral or take place separately.
Cremains burial service: Some of our church members have chosen to have some of their remains buried in our Memorial Garden; we try to do this service in coordination with other families who share the same desire.
Questions About Planning A Funeral Or Memorial Service?
Connect with Pastor Pastor Whitney Sheridan at | 651.633.7644 x 412 
Memorials to Centennial United Methodist Church are sometimes preferred by the bereaved. Such memorials can be left at the church at the time of a funeral or memorial service or may be mailed at any time to Centennial United Methodist Church at 1524 W. County Road C2, Roseville, MN 55113.
Questions about giving a memorial? Connect with Julie Elholm: | 651.633.7644
If your loved one has died unexpectedly, and you need spiritual support, please call the church's emergency line 651.633.7644 x29 and a pastor will respond to you as quickly as possible.