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Join us for worship in person or virtually!

We are one church, and we have two different worship experiences to offer you. Our traditional service at our Roseville campus (1524 County Rd. C2 W, Roseville) starts at 9:00 am, and includes music, an uplifting message, and meaningful fellowship.  Our contemporary service at our St. Anthony Park Campus (2200 Hillside Ave, St. Paul) starts at 10:30 am.  This service includes lively music, a thoughtful message, and communion.  Join Sunday worship for both campuses virtually through our website, our Youtube Channel, or facebook.com/CentennialUMC.SAP for the SAP live streams.


The campuses have different worship styles, and share the same values:

At the Roseville Campus (1524 County Rd. C2 W, Roseville), you'll enjoy a more traditional and blended kind of worship: hymns, organ, piano, written prayers, etc. We think it can be restful to listen to, speak, and sing beautiful words that have been handed down generation after generation. We hope you'll leave feeling uplifted, inspired, and filled with some peace and hope.

At the St. Anthony Park Campus (2200 Hillside Ave, St. Paul), worship is of the contemporary kind: worship band, awesome lighting, sometimes there are bagels. We hope it feels inviting to people of all ages, and helps you reconnect with that weary spirit that is lurking within your worn-down body and mind. We hope you'll leave feeling energized, connected, and filled with some peace and hope.


We are a reconciling church!

This is important to us, and we try to live it and learn about it all the time. We think that welcoming people of all ages, races, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities, physical and mental abilities, economic means, marital statuses, education levels, or faith experiences is how God works through us to make our community more loving and just.


We love kids.

We love that they make noise, that they help us see the world more creatively, and remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. We think that helping kids and their families explore "faith stuff" together is important, and we try to do our best at facilitating that, whatever that means for your family.


We do lots of stuff throughout the week (not just Sundays!).

Maybe Sunday worship isn't really your thing. That's fine with us. We love to serve our communities, as well as enjoy excellent music. Join us for a local service project, take a look at our music groups, or check out one of our many interest groups/small groups. Or, email one of our staff and we'd love to meet you at your favorite coffee shop to hear about your life with its passions and ordinariness. 


Considering Membership? 

Whether you are young or old, new to the community, been away from the church for awhile or a long time, becoming part of a community of fellow sojourners is a step of faith and can be even more helpful in this time of the coronavirus.  Joining Centennial is a discernment of joy and seeing where you are in your journey with God and your needs for a church fellowship.  To explore more, contact Pastor Dave Comstock at dcomstock [AT] centennialumc [DOT] org or Pastor Whitney Sheridan at wsheridan [AT] centennialumc [DOT] org.


What else do you need?

We hope this information a good start. We know it's impossible to describe a complex group of people like a faith community. And we also know that you might want more information before you visit us. Let us know how we can help you connect with the Centennial community!


We want to connect with you!

Give us a call at 651.633.7644

Or email us at cumc [AT] centennialumc [DOT] org