Our major political parties hold caucuses in February. This is your opportunity to be active in the poitical process at the grassroots level. You may volunteer as a delegate to the nominating conventions, and to support the issues and policies you care about. Note that in 2022, all state officials will be elected, so it is a year in which you have significant input to issues and nominations.


Generally, there are three main activities at a caucus:

  1. Choose volunteers who will organize political activities in the precinct. This could include maintaining contact lists, holding political meetings, and helping with campaign efforts.

  2. Discuss issues and ideas for the party to support. You can present an issue or idea for the party to support, called a resolution. If you convince other attendees to support your resolution, it will be taken to the next political convention. Eventually, your resolution could become part of the official party platform.

  3. Choose delegates who will endorse candidates at future conventions. At future conventions, party delegates will endorse state and federal candidates, including for Governor. Political parties have different ways of choosing delegates at the precinct level caucus—contact your party for more information. 

(See full details at https://www.sos.state.mn.us/elections-voting/how-elections-work/precinct-caucuses/)


IF WITH GOP, Find Your Caucus Info Here to Participate on Tue Feb 1 at 7pm -https://caucusfinder.sos.state.mn.us 


IF WITH DFL - As of Wed Jan 19, all of the senate district caucuses in the Metro area are contactless caucuses (EXCEPT for SD38 & SD43 – they are having in person caucuses)


For ISAIAH/FIMN detailed district-specific actions and info related to caucuses (in-person vs contactless), check out this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f30Fhfxoo8rnJZu1VNNxduMP2kNsNJFoSKc6INn6QtY/edit#bookmark=id.qbmz289hfix9