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Nursery & FaithWalk available
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Goal Reached for Centennial Love Offering for the Garrett Family: We have met the Centennial $5,000 goal as we work with other churches to help the family of LaDavionne Garrett Jr., the 10-year-old boy who was recently shot in Minneapolis.  His grandmother, who has custody of LaDavionne and his 4-year-old and 2-year-old siblings, has experienced severe loss and feels her family is not safe in her present community. Thank you for your generosity. St. Paul United Methodist Churches are working together to provide an anticipated $25,000-$30,000 rent and utilities for a home nearer the hospital which will enable her to respond more easily to her grandson’s needs.


Holy Hammers/Habitat for Humanity update: Our 2021 build project began on Monday June 28th. Habitat recently revised safety protocol and masks are now not required for fully vaccinated volunteers. The Volunteer Hub is open for signups. Centennial has been asked to focus first on the dates of August 2-6 and August 9-13 in order to increase the chances that you will be working with someone else you know. If you are not available on these dates, you can sign up for any unfilled slot on the schedule. Contact Jack Griffin if you have any questions: jacklgriffin [AT] hotmail [DOT] com


School Supplies: Church and Society is teaming up with Kids in Need Foundation again this year to supply school supplies for those in need. This Foundation, located in Roseville, serves students and teacher in schools with a population of 70% or more enrolled in the government’s free and reduced lunch program. In a recent survey to their network of educators, 95% of respondents indicated that access to basic school supplies resulted in an equitable learning environment for students. No matter where students are learning from, a traditional classroom or the kitchen table, basic school supplies are necessary for education to continue.  Due to COVID19, and after discussion with the liaison for the program, in lieu of actual school items the Church and Society Committee is collecting monetary donations only this year for the Kids In Need Foundation.  Please send your donation to Centennial United Methodist Church, with School Tools on the memo line, by August 9th, 2021. Thank you for any help you can give to this program.


The Care Team Ministry at Centennial is ready and willing to offer their services to those in need of support. Our team is able to help persons with non-medical quality of life needs such as friendly visits, transportation to church or appointments, shopping, light yard work and household chores, and support (respite) for family caregivers. Care Team Ministry is two-fold. It offers supportive services to those in need within and around a faith community and it is an opportunity for volunteers to live out their faith by serving others. If you or someone you know would like assistance or if you would like to volunteer with the team please contact Julia Nordling at 651.633.7644 or parishnurse [AT] centennialumc [DOT] org.


Overdue Books: There are a number of books checked out on or before March 15th 2020 which need to be returned to the church library. Please check your book shelves, under your bed, or in your car for overdue books.  The Roseville CUMC library has a limited budget, replacing these items is costly. Questions, please contact Susan Blakeslee 763-213-5628 or skblakeslee [AT] gmail [DOT] com


Funeral for Bob Rosene: Sunday August 1st | There will be a visitation at 1pm in Linden Court. The Funeral service is at 2:30pm with visitation following.


Revised Mask Policy for Centennial Buildings: Centennial’s Board of Trustees approved this change to our mask policies:  (1) Unvaccinated individuals need to continue to wear masks indoors.  (2) Vaccinated individuals do not need to wear a mask indoors. However, they are strongly encouraged to continue to wear a mask to protect children, youth, and those with compromised immune systems from the virus. (3) Trustees may reinstate the mask requirement if cases increase significantly. (Note: Because unvaccinated persons are expected to wear a mask indoors, and vaccinated persons are strongly encouraged to continue to wear a mask to protect children, youth, and those with compromised immune systems, and given this change in policy, the hospitality team will continue their work on developing safe practices for food and drink.)


SAP Program Highlights & Financial Analysis Report available: A congregation-wide email with addendums was sent out last Friday with this report, prepared in response to the congregational survey results. There are two parts of the overall report which were presented to the Church Council (both campuses) at the Council's regular May 18 2021 meeting.


The Upper Room July-August prayer magazines are available in the pews at our reopened Roseville campus worship.  They are free—check it out when you get the chance.


UMW – Simpson Shower: The UMW Annual Simpson Shower will be held on Tuesday, July 27, from 10:00 am - 12:00 noon. Items may be dropped off at this time by the Contemplative Garden on the south side of Church. A Fellowship Gathering, weather permitting, will be held at this time in the Contemplative Garden. Bring your own chair and beverage. Needed donation items are posted on the UMW Bulletin Board or go to: [CLICK HERE]. monetary donations will be accepted – check payable to Centennial UMW with Simpson on the notation line. Bring to the Church or mail to Peggy Rhodes, 2849 Farrington St, Roseville 55113 | Contact information: Kathy Nelson, 651-633-0836


UMW - MISSION u and MISSION u Too (formerly School of Christian Missions) Will be virtual this year with each of three studies being offered on Friday Evening, Saturday, and Sunday. August 6-8 — Finding Peace in an Anxious World. For more information go to: or for Registration go to [CLICK HERE] or contact Fran Field, 651.697.2421: Scholarships from local & conference are available — Contact Diane Anderson 651.481.7952


Bowling Sub(s) Needed: The Centennial 1 bowling team needs at least one substitute bowler (preferably two) to be on call to bowl at 6:30 on Monday nights. The season is from the Monday after Labor Day through April at The Mermaid in Mounds View. This is a mixed league, so both men and women are invited. Prior league experience helpful but not necessary. Please email Bob Nienaber at bobnjane [AT] usfamily [DOT] net.


Grow and Give: Church and Society would like CUMC members to be aware of a new opportunity to help address food insecurity. Every Meal has planted a 4,000 sq. ft. garden at their warehouse with a goal of distributing 1,000 bags of fresh produce to local families during the 2021 growing season. If you have excess produce from your garden, it may be dropped off at their warehouse, 2723 Patton Road, Roseville on Mondays and Tuesdays from July 6-September 30. Please e-mail Programs Manager, Christine Weber, cweber [AT] everymeal [DOT] org, with a brief description of your donation and to arrange a time for drop-off. 


Dear Centennial Friends, O. C. Ministries has recently sent its second shipment of mission supplies to Baiwalla School in Sierra Leone, Africa. Thank you for your generous support which enabled us to send: 100 lbs of dried beans for the schools hot lunch program, 206 Days for Girls kits in sizes 10, 12, 14, and 16, 130 school uniforms needed for students this fall (sizes 8, 10, 12, and 14), 3 prayer (friend and church) shawls, and hundreds of handmade dresses and pants from a new sewing copartner in New Alm, MN. This group of 25 women have free scrap materials from a clothing manufacturer who sends beautiful new cloth pieces to them for mission projects. We pay for their shipping when we include their donations with ours. As you can see - Baiwalla Children will be greatly blessed! Thank you for being our sister in ministry. Our two churches go back a long way in doing the Lord’s work. We are grateful for your T.L.C.!! It’s been memorable to renew old acquaintances!! - In Christ, Annette Brandner, O.C.M. Board.


Thank You: To my dear Centennial friends, a huge thank you for the many prayers, cards, notes of encouragement, and supportive visits. They all gave me courage enough to meet the goals, that prepared me, to be able to come home! It's good to be home continuing my therapy rehab. Hope to see you all soon! - Mary Ann Krinkie 



Giving Remotely: We continue to value your gifts during this time, which allow staff and ministry to continue on in creative ways. There are multiple ways to give while you are away from the church building.​ Go to the website at And yes, we are happy to receive your contribution via the postal service. Our address is Centennial UMC, 1524 County Road C2 West, Roseville MN 55113. Thank you for helping us keep ministry strong.


Healing Circles: Ramsey County, in partnership with the City of St. Paul, is offering virtual and in-person community healing circles that are welcoming, safe and supportive spaces for participatory dialogue, building connections, and addressing trauma caused by the killing of George Floyd last summer, the civil unrest that followed in our neighborhoods and the ongoing trial. Ensuring the health and wellbeing of community is at the center of our response plan during these difficult times and we’re working with several cultural healers who use their lived experiences, expertise and training to facilitate conversations that get at shared healing. [CLICK HERE] for the Ramsey County’s healing spaces webpage. Please share these opportunities with your networks.


Searching for service opportunities? Click here!


Announcements for the Centennial News Deadline: Announcements for church events must now be submitted to Destiny Brekke DBrekke [AT] centennialumc [DOT] org by 12noon Tuesdays to make it into the next week’s Centennial News. All submissions have a 100 word limit and must include a name, email and/or phone number for readers to contact for more information about the event. When space is limited, announcements are prioritized by the communications team.