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Zone 345 is becoming Family Zone!

What used to be Zone 345 – just for 3rd, 4th & 5th graders – is being opened up to the whole family! We’d recommend ages 3+ for most activities, but will leave it up to families to decide what works best for them. It’s been a wild year +. Let’s connect, have some fun, and celebrate life together. Our first Family Zone event is October 17th, 1:00pm at the Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Maze. Stay tuned for details on tickets.


Youth Mission Trips

Road trips + serving others + awesomeness + God sightings 

= Centennial Youth summer mission trips! 

These week-long trips are often transformative for our high school and middle school students. Taking time away from normal life, they have space to connect more deeply with their faith, see God at work in different social contexts then their own, and make new friends!

High School Mission Trip - Kentucky

The Venue is Good Neighbors, Inc. Staffordsville, KY

Want to join the fun?

Middle School Ministries | Amanda Schultz | mandaroo112 [AT] gmail [DOT] com | 651.633.7644 ext. 434


Confirmation - 8th Grade

Faith is a life long, ever-changing journey.

Our 8th grade students spend a year thinking intentionally about their faith journey. That process may culminate in them publicly professing their faith at our fall Confirmation Sunday. That process may culminate in them needing more time and space to figure out where they are at. Both of those options, and everything in between, is a-ok with us at Centennial. Jesus invites us into an authentic faith, and we all figure out that journey on their own time.

Want your student to join this process?

Middle School Ministries | Amanda Schultz | mandaroo112 [AT] gmail [DOT] com | 651.633.7644 ext. 434


Wednesday Night Youth Groups

Build relationships, serve others, learn about God!

Centennial Youth meet weekly (most nights of the school year) in two different groups: middle school and high school. The format of the night varies, and activities include: guest speakers, videos, reading Scripture, spiritual practices, bonfires, service nights, and more!

Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Location: Roseville Campus

Want to learn more and join the fun?

Middle School Ministries | Amanda Schultz | mandaroo112 [AT] gmail [DOT] com | 651.633.7644 ext. 434



Building tomorrow's leaders!

St. Anthony Park Campus Scouts

Active for almost 70 years, Cub Scout Pack 22 meets monthly at our St. Anthony Park Campus.  In addition to monthly Pack meetings, each Den (organized by school grade level) meets two or more times per month for age appropriate games, skill development, outings and more.  Over the past year Cub Scouts in Pack 22 have participated in some of the following activities: Rain Gutter Regattas, Pinewood Derby, a weekend long summer camp experience, Polar Cubs/Winter Camp, rocket shoots, St. Anthony Park neighborhood's 4th of July parade, service projects (leaf raking, Toys-for-Tots, food drives) and more! We are an active Pack of about 30 boys and girls in grades K-5.  

When: First Monday of the month at 7:00pm

Where: St. Anthony Park Campus | 2200 W Hillside Ave., St. Paul, MN

Questions about Scouts on St. Anthony Park's Campus?

Connect with Clayton Helmer | 651.603.6987 | in_the10ring [AT] hotmail [DOT] com


Kids & Family Milestone Program

Milestones are the significant cultural and developmental markers that we experience throughout our lives.

They are our firsts. There are ordinary firsts of steps and teeth, walking and talking. There are also firsts of our faith life: baptism, beginning Sunday School, receiving a Bible, and more. Centennial’s Milestone Ministry helps to make a connection between our everyday lives and our faith life.

Milestones may be offered via Zoom, in person, or have a hybrid option so families can participate as they choose this year. Most Milestones will be at 1:00pm on a Sunday. Supplies will be dropped off or can be picked up prior to any virtual Milestones. We encourage at least one parent or guardian to participate in the Milestone with their child.

Milestones at Centennial:

Age 4 – I Can Pray – October 10th, 1:00pm. Learning to pray together, including family prayers for all occasions.


Kindergarten – Touch & see My Church – January 16th, 1:00pm. A chance to explore the sanctuary “behind the scenes” and learn more about worship.


Grade 1 – Taste the Bread – January 30th, 1:00pm. Learning about Holy Communion and what it means for us.


Grade 2 – Touch the Water – February 13th, 1:00pm. Learning about Baptism and what it means for us.


Grade 3 – A Bible of My Own – September 26th, 1:00pm. 3rd Graders receive their own Bible and learn how to use it for their own exploration and continued learning.


Grade 4 – Worship Around the Year – November 14th, 1:00pm. Learning about worship and the liturgical calendar (Advent, Lent, etc.)


Grade 5 – Heart of a Servant – May 15th, 1:00pm. Learning about and practicing mission and service to the world in Christ’s name. This is a stepping stone to Middle School Youth ministry.


[Why are there two Taste the Bread Milestones? And what happened to Touch the Water? 2019-2020 is a transition year, moving Taste the Bread to the Grade 1 Milestone. Grade 2 will continue with the previous schedule and have their own separate Taste the Bread Milestone. In 2020-2021, Grade 1 Milestone will be Taste the Bread and Grade 2 Milestone will be Touch the Water – Learning about the sacrament of Baptism.]


Have questions about programs for kids and youth? Want to join the fun?

Connect with Pastor of Discipleship Jen Anderson 

janderson [AT] centennialumc [DOT] org | 651.633.7644 x313




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